Food & Drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks


Stay hydrated!

$ 0

Soft drinks

Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Diet Coke

$ 3 - Glass
$ 6 - Pitcher


Orange, Pineapple, Cranberry

$ 3

Alcoholic drinks

Draft IPA

The Kind, Big Ditch Hayburner(Limited Time)

$ 6 - Pint
$ 16 - Pitcher

Draft Domestic

Labatt Blue , Blue Light & Bud Light

$ 4 - Pint
$ 10 - Pitcher

Hard Seltzers

Various flavors

$ 4


Mic Ultra, Miller lite, Modelo, Bud(light), Blue(light), Yuengling, Corona, Coors light, Genesee(light), Angry Orchard, Sam Adams Winterfest, Guinness, Stella

$ 4+

Cocktails w/Juice

Well liquor with any juice

Top shelf liquor with any juice

$ 8+

$ 10+

Cocktails w/Soda

Well liquor with any soda

Top shelf liquor with any soda

$ 6+

$ 8+


Red & White

$ 6

Specialty/Seasonal Drinks

Barbie Pink Drink

Vodka, Sprite, pink lemonade, grenadine & pink cotton candy

$ 7

Food brought to you by Pontillos

As our kitchen is not operational at the moment, we partnered with Pontillos right here in Spencerport to bring you good eats. Just call them up and tell ’em what lane you’re on and they’ll bring it right to you so you wont even have to stop bowling!

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